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Web and Email Hosting

Web and Email Hosting

99.9% uptime
Website statistics
MySQL 5 databases
POP3/IMAP mail
Spam Filtering
Virus scanning
FTP access

We have a number of packages from low usage to high usage starting at £95 plus VAT

  • Fast, secure and reliable Web hosting.
  • Personal service.
  • Our servers benefit from a high-speed connection directly into the Internet backbone. As well as being highly secure, and with 99.9% uptime, all data – including mail and databases – is regularly backed up.
  • The number of sites hosted on any one server is limited, giving you a guaranteed high performance.
  • We have full control over our servers, and this means that we are able to implement non-standard features.
  • If you have a requirement that nobody else can help you with, give us a call.
  • No small print or hidden charges.
  • By providing a high quality and trustworthy service we have many clients who are more than happy to depend on us for their hosting needs.
  • You will find no small print locking you into our services, no hidden charges, and if you should wish to leave us at any time, for whatever reason, we will make sure that your transition from us is as quick and easy as possible.
  • Mail / Webmail – We provide secure email collection with spam and virus filtering, including a modern Webmail interface.
  • Domain Registration
    When registering a domain with us we will make sure that it is renewed each year, leaving you with nothing to worry about.